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Mammal Checklists of the United States

Wildlife of the Okanogan National Forest

Okanogan, Washington

This is a checklist of wildlife which might be seen in the vicinity of the Okanogan National Forest, including the Okanogan and Methow valleys. If additional species are sighted or seasonal occurrences other than those designated are observed, please notify the District Ranger at Tonasket, Twisp, or Winthrop or the Supervisor at Okanogan, Washington.
Seasonal Occurrence(A)

P - Permanent Resident
S - Summer Resident
M - Migrant
W - Winter Visitor


C - Common
U - Uncommon
R - Rare

Habitat types(C)

S - Streams-Rivers
L - Lakes-Ponds
M - Marsh
G - Grassland-Meadow
B - Brush
D - Deciduous
C - Conifers
R - Rocks
H - Human Habitation

CATS					A	B	C

___ Mountain Lion			P	C	BCR
___ Bobcat				P	C	BC
___ Lynx				P	U	BC

PLODONTIA A B C ___ Mountain Beaver P R SBC
SQUIRRELS, CHIPMUNKS A B C ___ Yellow-bellied Marmot P C GBR ___ Hoary Marmot P C GR ___ Columbian Ground Squirrel P C BC ___ Gold-Mantled Ground Squirrel P C BC ___ Townsend Chipmunk P U BC ___ Yellow Pine Chipmunk P C BCR ___ Least Chipmunk P U BCR ___ Western Gray Squirrel P U C ___ Red Squirrel P C C ___ Douglas Squirrel P U C ___ Northern Flying Squirrel P C C
GOPHERS, POCKET MICE A B C ___ Northern Pocket Gopher P C GBC ___ Great Basin Pocket Mouse P - GBC
BEAVER A B C ___ Beaver P C SL
MICE, VOLES, RATS, ETC. A B C ___ Western Harvest Mouse P - GB ___ Deer Mouse P C GBDC ___ Busytail Woodrat P C GBDC ___ Northern Bog Lemming P U GM ___ Boreal Redback Vole P C GCR ___ Heather Vole P C GC ___ Meadow Vole P C MG ___ Mountain Vole P - MG ___ Longtail Vole P C MG ___ Richardson Vole P - SLG ___ Oregon Vole P C GBC ___ Muskrat P C GBC ___ Norway Rat P - H ___ House Mouse P C G ___ Western Jumping Mouse P C GB
PIKA, HARES, RABBITS A B C ___ Snowshoe Hare P C GBC ___ Whitetail Jackrabbit P U GB ___ Western Cottontail P U GB
ELK, DEER, MOOSE A B C ___ Elk M U GBC ___ Mule Deer P C GBC ___ Black-Tail Deer P R GBC ___ White-Tail Deer P C SBC ___ Moose M U LMBC
GOAT, SHEEP A B C ___ Mountain Goat P C GCR ___ Bighorn Sheep P U GR
PORCUPINE A B C ___ Porcupine P C GBC

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