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Bird Checklists of the United States

Wildlife of the Okanogan National Forest

Okanogan, Washington

This is a checklist of wildlife which might be seen in the vicinity of the Okanogan National Forest, including the Okanogan and Methow valleys. If additional species are sighted or seasonal occurrences other than those designated are observed, please notify the District Ranger at Tonasket, Twisp, or Winthrop or the Supervisor at Okanogan, Washington.
Seasonal Occurence(A)

P - Permanent Resident
S - Summer Resident
M - Migrant
W - Winter Visitor


C - Common
U - Uncommon
R - Rare

Habitat types(C)

S - Streams-Rivers
L - Lakes-Ponds
M - Marsh
G - Grassland-Meadow
B - Brush
D - Deciduous
C - Conifers
R - Rocks
H - Human Habitation

___ Common Loon				SM	U	L
___ Arctic Loon                         M	R	L                               

GREBES A B C ___ Western Grebe SM C L ___ Eared Grebe SM C L ___ Pied-Billed Grebe SM C L ___ Horned Grebe SM U L
HERONS A B C ___ Great Blue Heron SM C LMDC ___ Black-Crowned Night-Heron SM U SLMC ___ American Bittern SM U M
WATERFOWL A B C ___ Whistling Swan M U SL ___ Canada Goose S C SL ___ Snow Goose M U SLG ___ White-Fronted Goose M R SL ___ Ross Goose M R SL ___ Mallard SM C SL ___ Pintail SM C SL ___ Gadwall S U SL ___ American Wigeon M C SL ___ Shoveler S C SLM ___ Blue-Winged Teal S C SLM ___ Cinnamon Teal S C SLM ___ Green-Winged Teal SM C SLM ___ Wood Duck S U SLDC ___ Redhead SM C L ___ Canvasback M U L ___ Ring-Necked Duck M C SL ___ Lesser Scaup M C SL ___ Common Goldeneye SM U L ___ Barrow's Goldeneye SMW C SL ___ Bufflehead MW C SL ___ Harlequin Duck SM U S ___ Ruddy Duck SM C SLM ___ Common Merganser P C SL ___ Red-Breasted Merganser M U SL ___ Hooded Merganser SMW U SL
QUAIL, PARTRIDGE, PHEASANT A B C ___ California Quail P C GB ___ Mountain Quail P R B ___ Bobwhite P R GB ___ Chukar P C GB ___ Gray Partridge P U GB ___ Ring-Necked Pheasant P C GB
GOATSUCKERS A B C ___ Poor-Will S C GB ___ Common Nighthawk S C BR
SWIFTS, HUMMINGBIRDS A B C ___ Black Swift S U R ___ Vaux's Swift S U C ___ White-Throated Swift S R R ___ Calliope Hummingbird S C GB ___ Black-Chinned Hummingbird S U GB ___ Rufous Hummingbird S C GB
KINGFISHERS A B C ___ Belted Kingfisher P C SL
WOODPECKERS A B C ___ Red-Shafted Flicker P C DC ___ Pileated Woodpecker P U C ___ Lewis' Woodpecker S U DC ___ White-Headed Woodpecker P U C ___ Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker S C DC ___ Williamson's Sapsucker S U C ___ Hairy Woodpecker P C DC ___ Downy Woodpecker P C D ___ Black-Backed Three-Toed Woodpecker P U C ___ Northern 3-Toed Woodpecker P U C
FLYCATCHERS A B C ___ Eastern Kingbird S C GB ___ Western Kingbird S C GB ___ Say's Phoebe S C GBR ___ Traill's Flycatcher S C BD ___ Hammond's Flycatcher S C C ___ Dusky Flycatcher S C GB ___ Western Flycatcher S U DC ___ Western Wood Pewee S C DC ___ Olive-Sided Flycatcher S C DC
OWLS A B C ___ Hawk Owl MW R BDG ___ Burrowing Owl SM U GB ___ Saw-Whet Owl P C GDC ___ Boreal Owl W R DC ___ Flammulated Owl P U CB ___ Pygmy Owl P C DC ___ Barn Owl P R GH ___ Screech Owl P C GDC ___ Great Horned Owl P C GBDC ___ Long-Eared Owl S C GBD ___ Short-Eared Owl P U MGB ___ Snowy Owl W U GBC ___ Spotted Owl P R C ___ Great Gray Owl P R C
JAYS, CROWS A B C ___ Steller's Jay P C C ___ Gray Jay P C C ___ Black-Billed Magpie P C BD ___ Clark's Nutcracker P C C ___ Common Raven P C CR ___ Common Crow P C GBD
CHICKADEES A B C ___ Black-Capped Chickadee P C DC ___ Mountain Chickadee P C C ___ Boreal Chickadee P R C ___ Chestnut-Backed Chickadee P C C
DIPPERS A B C ___ Dipper P C S
NUTHATCHES A B C ___ White-Breasted Nuthatch P C C ___ Red-Breasted Nuthatch P C C ___ Pygmy Nuthatch P C C
CREEPERS A B C ___ Brown Creeper P C C
WRENS A B C ___ House Wren SM C B ___ Winter Wren P C SC ___ Rock Wren SM C R ___ Canyon Wren P U R ___ Marsh Wren SM C LM
THRASHERS A B C ___ Catbird S U B ___ Sage Thrasher S R B
THRUSHES, BLUEBIRDS A B C ___ Robin SM C GBD ___ Varied Thrush P C C ___ Townsend Solitaire P C GBC ___ Hermit Thrush S C C ___ Swainson's Thrush S C BD ___ Veery S C BD ___ Western Bluebird S U GBDC ___ Mountain Bluebird S C GBDC
CRANES, RAILS, COOTS A B C ___ Sandhill Crane M U SLM ___ Virginia Rail S U M ___ Sora SM U M ___ American Coot P C SLM
SHOREBIRDS, GULLS A B C ___ American Avocet SM U LMG ___ Killdeer SM C SLMG ___ Black-Bellied Plover M U LMG ___ Long-Billed Curlew SM R LMG ___ Solitary Sandpiper M R SL ___ Spotted Sandpiper SM C LS ___ Greater Yellowlegs M U MLS ___ Lesser Yellowlegs M C LM ___ Long-Billed Dowitcher M C SLM ___ Pectoral Sandpiper M U LM ___ Sanderling M U LM ___ Least Sandpiper M U LM ___ Western Sandpiper M U LMG ___ Common Snipe SM C SLMG ___ Wilson's Phalarope S U LMG ___ Northern Phalarope M U LM ___ Herring Gull M U SL ___ California Gull M U SL ___ Ring-Billed Gull SM C SL ___ Forster's Tern SM U LM ___ Black Tern SM U LM
PIGEONS A B C ___ Band-Tailed Pigeon S R C ___ Mourning Dove S C GB
TURKEY, GROUSE, PTARMIGAN A B C ___ Turkey P R GBC ___ Blue Grouse P C GC ___ Spruce Grouse P C C ___ Ruffed Grouse P C GBD ___ Sharp-Tailed Grouse P R GB ___ Sage Grouse P R GB ___ White-Tailed Ptarmigan P C GR
VULTURES, HAWKS, FALCONS A B C ___ Turkey Vulture S U GBCR ___ Goshawk P U C ___ Cooper's Hawk S C DC ___ Sharp-Shinned Hawk P C DC ___ Marsh Hawk P C MGB ___ Rough-Legged Hawk MW C MGB ___ Ferruginous Hawk S U GR ___ Red-Tailed Hawk P C GBC ___ Swainson's Hawk SM C GBC ___ Golden Eagle P C GBCR ___ Bald Eagle P C SLC ___ Osprey SM U SLC ___ Prairie Falcon SW U GBCR ___ Peregrine Falcon P R GCR ___ Pigeon Hawk(Merlin) P U DCR ___ Sparrow Hawk(Kestrel) P C MGBC
LARKS A B C ___ Horned Lark PM C G
SWALLOWS A B C ___ Barn Swallow S C SLG ___ Cliff Swallow S C SLR ___ Violet-Green Swallow S C SLC ___ Tree Swallow S C SLC ___ Bank Swallow S C SLC ___ Rough-Winged Swallow S C SLR ___ Purple Martin S R BC
KINGLETS A B C ___ Golden-Crowned Kinglet P C C ___ Ruby-Crowned Kinglet P C C
PIPITS A B C ___ American Pipit SM U G
WAXWINGS A B C ___ Bohemian Waxwing MW C BD ___ Cedar Waxwing SM C BD
BLACKBIRDS, ORIOLES A B C ___ Western Meadowlark S C G ___ Bobolink S R G ___ Yellow-Headed Blackbird S C LM ___ Red-Winged Blackbird S C LMG ___ Brewer's Blackbird SM C GBC ___ Brown-Headed Cowbird S C GBDC ___ Bullock's Oriole S U BD
TANAGERS A B C ___ Western Tanager S C DC
GROSBEAKS, FINCHES, ETC. A B C ___ Black-Headed Grosbeak S U DC ___ Evening Grosbeak P C DC ___ Lazuli Bunting S C BD ___ Purple Finch PM U DC ___ Cassin's Finch S C C
WARBLERS A B C ___ Orange-Crowned Warbler S C BD ___ Nashville Warbler S U BD ___ Yellow Warbler S C BD ___ Myrtle Warbler M R BD ___ Audubon's Warbler S C DC ___ Townsend's Warbler SM C C ___ Black-Throated Gray Warbler SM C BC ___ Yellowthroat SM U LMB ___ Yellow-Breasted Chat S U SLB ___ MacGillivray's Warbler S C BD ___ Wilson's Warbler SM U BD ___ American Redstart SM U BD ___ Northern Waterthrush S R SLM
SHRIKES A B C ___ Northern Shrike MW U GBC ___ Loggerhead Shrike S C GBC
STARLING A B C ___ Starling P C GBH
VIREOS A B C ___ Solitary Vireo S C D ___ Red-Eyed Vireo S U BD ___ Warbling Vireo S U BD
WEAVER FINCHES A B C ___ House Sparrow P C H ___ House Finch P C GB ___ Pine Grosbeak P C C ___ Gray-Crowned Rosy Finch P C G ___ Common Redpoll MW U GB ___ Pine Siskin P C GC ___ American Goldfinch P C GBD ___ White-Winged Crossbill S R C ___ Red Crossbill P C C ___ Rufous-Sided Towhee S C BD
JUNCOS, SPARROWS, ETC. A B C ___ Savannah Sparrow SM C G ___ Vesper Sparrow S C GB ___ Lark Sparrow S C GB ___ Slate-Colored Junco MW U GB ___ Oregon Junco P C GBC ___ Tree Sparrow W U BD ___ Chipping Sparrow S C GBC ___ Brewer's Sparrow SM U GB ___ White-Crowned Sparrow SM C GBC ___ Golden-Crowned Sparrow M U B ___ Fox Sparrow S C BC ___ Lincoln's Sparrow SM C GBC ___ Song Sparrow P C B ___ Snow Bunting W U G

Additional information may be obtained by contacting:
                      Okanogan National Forest 
		      Supervisor's Office 
                      1240 South 2nd. Ave. 
                      Okanogan, WA 98840 
                      Telephone: 509/826-3275
This resource is based on the following source:
U.S. Forest Service.  No date.  Wildlife of the Okanogan National Forest, 
     Washington.  U.S. Forest Service.  Unpaginated.
This resource should be cited as:
U.S. Forest Service.  No date.  Wildlife of the Okanogan National Forest, 
     Washington.  U.S. Forest Service.  Unpaginated.  Jamestown, ND: 
     Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center Online.
     (Version 22MAY98).

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