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Bird Checklists of the United States

Little Pend Oreille National Wildlife Refuge

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Colville, Washington


Occurence Status
This checklist estimates populations based on available information. Rating systems based on chance of observation favor highly visible species and thus distort reality for nocturnal or secretive species that could be equally common. Chance for secretive species that could be equally common. Chance for observation is entrusted to luck and skill as as observer! Ratings in the checklist apply to during the right season and in the proper habitat.

C - Common: abundant to uncommon
U - Uncommon: local and not present in all suitable habitats
R - Rare: widely spaced, not always present, or lacking verification
XR - Extremely rare: seldom present but fair number of records
(REC) - Recorded: few accepted records.

Seasonal Status
R - Resident: sedentary, or altitudinal migrant within the area.  Breeds here or nearby. Always present, but not necessarily the same individuals.
M - Migrant: non-breeding species or extralimital breeders in transit between summer and winter ranges
SB - Summer breeder: breeding species present only in summer.
W - Winter: non-breeding species on its winter range.  In some species, arrival may be as early as September and departure as late as April. This also refers to individuals that wander out of their range in winter.

AG - Agriculture: human-managed habitat, farmlands, and open rangelands.
UB - Urban: towns and small communities.
WL - Wetlands: wide streams, marshes, rivers and lakes.
BS - Bogs and streams: mainly in mountainous forests
FL - Forested lands: low to medium elevation.
SA - Subalpine: near timberline and above.
TR - Transition: dry hillsides, open forests; mainly in the western part of the region.
AH - All habitats: species that can be expected anywhere.
LK - Lake: applies only to fish.

SHREWS HABITAT STATUS ___ Masked Shrew BS U ___ Merriam's Shrew TR XR ___ Dusky Shrew BS C ___ Vagrant Shrew FL C ___ Northern Water Shrew WL U ___ Pygmy Shrew FL R
BATS HABITAT STATUS ___ Little Brown Myotis AG FL C ___ Fringed Myotis AG FL P ___ Long Eared Myotis AG FL P ___ Yuma Myotis AG TR C ___ California Myotis TR C ___ Long-legged Myotis AG FL P ___ Small Footed Myotis FL P ___ Silver-haired Bat FL P (SB) ___ Big Brown Bat FL C ___ Hoary Bat FL P (SB) ___ Western Big Eared Bat AG P ___ Pallid Bat AG TR FL P ___ Spotted Bat TR P
RODENTS HABITAT STATUS Squirrels ___ Northern Flying Squirrel AH C ___ Red Squirrel FL C ___ Eastern Gray Squirrel UB U ___ Columbian Ground Squirrel AG TR C ___ Golden-mantled Squirrel SA U ___ Yellow Pine Chipmunk AH C ___ Red-tailed Chipmunk SA R ___ Hoary Marmot SA XR ___ Yellow-bellied Marmot AG TR U Pocket Gophers ___ Northern Pocket Gopher AG FL TR C Pocket Mice ___ Great Basin Pocket Mouse TR R Porcupines ___ Porcupine AG FL C Beaver ___ Beaver WL BS U Jumping Mouse ___ Western Jumping Mouse AG FL C Other Mice ___ Western Harvest Mouse TR FL XR ___ Deer Mouse AH C ___ Busy-tailed Rat AH C Lemmings and Voles ___ Northern Bog Lemming BS XR ___ Boreal Red-backed Vole BS FL C ___ Heather Vole WL SA U ___ Meadow Vole WL AG C ___ Long Tailed Vole FL U ___ Water (Richardon's) Vole SA BS (REC) ___ Sagebrush Vole TR U ___ Montane Vole AG FL U ___ Muskrat WL C Old World Rats ___ Norway Rat UB U ___ House Mouse AH UB U
RABBITS HABITAT STATUS ___ Pika SA R ___ Snowshoe Hare FL C ___ Mountain (Nuttall's) Cottontail FL C
CARNIVORES HABITAT STATUS ___ Grizzly Bear SA R ___ Black Bear FL C ___ Raccoon WL U ___ Marten FL R ___ Fisher FL XR ___ Short-tailed Weasel FL SA U ___ Long-tailed Weasel TR FL R ___ Mink WL R ___ River Otter WL R ___ Wolverine SA XR ___ Badger AG TR U ___ Striped Skunk AH C ___ Red Fox AG (REC) ___ Gray Wolf FL SA XR ___ Cougar FL SA U ___ Lynx FL XR ___ Bobcat WL TR FL U
UNGULATES HABITAT STATUS ___ Elk FL U ___ Mule Deer TR FL U ___ White-tailed Deer AG FL C ___ Moose FL WL BS U ___ Woodland Caribou SA XR ___ Moutain Goat SA R ___ Bighorn Sheep SA R

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