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Bird Checklists of the United States

Haleakala National Park

Makawai, Maui, Hawaii


^ - On Federal List of Endangered Species
N - Native and/or indigenous
I - Introduced
R - Resident(Breeds within Haleakala National Park)
M - Migrant
O - Occasional
Kv - Kipahulu Valley(Kuiki to Wai'anapanapa to Coast)
C - Central Crater(Hana Mountain to Oili Puu to West Rim)
Wr - West Rim
Kg - Kaupo Gap
P - Paliku
F - Front country
A - All areas

                                  STATUS DISTRIBUTION REMARKS

___ Hawaiian Dark-rumped Petrel    N,R      Wr,C      Can be heard at summit early 
    (ua'u)^                                           evenings during breeding 
                                                      season (from February through
                                                      December.) It is an open 
                                                      ocean bird.

___ Band-rumped Storm-Petrel
    ('ake 'ake)                    N,R*     Wr*,C*    *Occasional calls heard in
                                                      evening; nest never found in
                                                      Hawaii but small breeding 
                                                      colony suspected in Park.

___ White-tailed Tropicbird        N,R      Kg,Kv,C   Known to nest on the walls of
    (koa'e kea)                                       Kaupo Gap. Breeds from March
                                                      through October.

___ Black Noddy
    (noio)                         N,R      Kv        Found along the coastal 
                                                      cliffs. Breeding variable
                                                      around late spring.

___ Great Frigate Bird             N,O*     Kv        *Seen occasionally over lower 
    ('iwa)                                            Kipahulu Valley.

___ Cattle Egret                   I,O*     Kv        *Sightings seem to be seasonal
                                                      and it has occurred in large

___ Black-Crowned Night-Heron
    ('auku'u)                      N,R      Kv        Found in lower Kipahulu 
                                                      Valley. Breeds from about May
                                                      through June.

___ 'Apapane                       N,R      A*        *Found in native and some non-
                                                      native forests, also along 
                                                      park road in ohelo and mamane.
                                                      Not present in grassland or 
                                                      aeolian (i.e. central crater
                                                      and west rim) habitats. Breeds
                                                      from January through July.

___ 'Amakihi                       N,R      A*        *Found in similar areas to 
                                                      'apapane, from subalpine 
                                                      shrubland to sea level. Begins
                                                      breeding in winter with 
                                                      variable duration.

___ 'Akepa^                        N,R      Kv        One bird was observed in the 
                                                      valley in 1979 (Conant, 1984).

___ Nuku pu'u^                     N,R      Kv        Very few birds remain if any, 
                                                      no detections 1992 Maui Forest
                                                      Bird Survey.

___ Maui Creeper
    ('alauahio)                    N,R      Kv,P,F*   *At Hosmer's Grove. Forages in
                                                      the understory of forests and
                                                      sometimes in uncovered native

___ Maui Parrotbill^               N,R      Kv        Observed on Maunawainui 
                                                      Plaineze during 1992 Maui 
                                                      Forest Bird Survey. Seen at 
                                                      Lake Waianapanapa by Conant,

___ 'I'iwi                         N,R      Kv,P,     Found in upper canopy of 'ohia
                                            F,Kg      and koa and in low shrubs (i.e.
                                                      akala, mamane, tree ohelo).
                                                      Breeds from February through

___ Crested Honeycreeper
    ('akohekohe)                   N,O      Kv,F*     *Some birders claim to see 
                                                      this bird on rare occasion at
                                                      Hosmer's Grove end of Waikamoi
                                                      Gulch. Breeding season is from
                                                      about November through May.

___ Short-Eared Owl
    (pueo)                         N,R      F,Kg,P    Diurnal bird found in open 
                                            C,Kv      fields, forests and 

___ Barn Owl                       I,R      F,C       Uncommon bird which has been 
                                            Kv,Kg     seen at Hosmer's Grove and 
                                                      also near the south mountains
                                                      of the crater.

___ Northern Harrier                O       C,F       Sightings have been made near
                                                      Hosmer's Grove and over the 
                                                      Paliku end of the crater floor
                                                      and the surrounding hills.

___ Hawaiian Goose
    (nene)^                        N,R       A        Breeds from late September
                                                      through April.

___ Hawaiian Duck
    (koloa)^                       N,?      Kv        ------------------------------

___ American Golden-Plover         
    (Pacific)(kolea)                M        A        Migrant which is present from
                                                      August through April. 
                                                      Distributed widely in all 
                                                      areas with open fields. Breeds
                                                      during the summer in the 
                                                      arctic tundra. Some birds 
                                                      oversummer in the park.

___ Wandering Tattler
    ('ulili)                        M       Kv        Migrant which is present from 
                                                      August through April. Breeds 
                                                      in Alaska. Can be seen at the 
                                                      lower end of streams in 
                                                      Kipahulu Valley.

___ Gray Francolin                 I,?      Kg        Observed in Kaupo by Conant

___ Chukar                         I,R      F,Wr,C    Common along roadsides above
                                                      8,000 feet.

___ Ring-necked Pheasant           I,R      F,C,Kg    Very common in most of park 
                                            P,Kv      including upper and lower 
                                                      Kipahulu Valley. Variation 
                                                      includes the Green or Blue 

___ Rock Dove
    (Pigeon)                       I,R      C         Five birds observed roosting 
                                                      in a lava tube near Holua 
                                                      Cabin (Contant, 1984).

___ Spotted Dove                   I,R      F,Kv      Found near Hosmer's Grove and
                                                      in lower alien forests of 
                                                      Kipahulu Valley. Breeds year-

___ Zebra Dove                     I,R      F,Kv      Found in very similar habitat
                                                      as Spotted Dove. Breeds year-

___ Eurasian Skylark               I,R       A        Found in open grasslands and
                                                      shrublands including alpine 

___ Melodious Laughing Thrush      I,R      F,Kv,Kg   Found in forests and 
                                                      shrublands. Common at Hosmer's
                                                      and lower Kipahulu Valley.

___ Red-billed Leiothrix           I,R      F,P       Very common at Hosmer's Grove,
                                            Kv,Kg     Paliku, Kipahulu Valley and 
                                                      Kaupo Gap. Breeds from March
                                                      through August.

___ Common Myna                    I,R      Kv,F,P,   Can be seen in nearly every 
                                            Kg,C      habitat below the summit, 
                                                      especially near buildings.
                                                      Breeds from February to August
                                                      with up to three broods.

___ Northern Cardinal              I,R      Kv,F,Kg   Found at Hosmer's Grove, 
                                                      middle to lower Kipahulu 
                                                      Valley. May lay more than one
                                                      clutch throughout the year.

___ Japanese Bush Warbler          I,R      Kv,P,F*   *Bird is on the move. Present 
                                                      at upper Waikamoi and will 
                                                      eventually hit the Hosmer's
                                                      Grove area, eventually. Very 
                                                      common throughout much of 
                                                      Kipahulu Vally. Recent 
                                                      sightings at Paliku Cabin.

___ Japanese White-Eye             I,R      A*        *Present in all areas except
                                                      in grassland or aeolian(rocky)
                                                      habitats. Breeds from about
                                                      February to November.

___ Northern Mockingbird           I,R      F,Kg,     Found in dry forests, cliff 
                                            P,C       faces, grasslands and 

___ House Finch                    I,R      C,F,      Very common throughout most of
                                            Kv,Kg     the drier regions of the park.
                                                      Can form very large flocks, 
                                                      especially when not breeding.
                                                      Breeds from February through

___ House Sparrow                  I,R      F,Kv      Small population resides at
                                                      Hosmer's Grove. Breeds year-

___ Nutmeg Mannikin                I,R*     Kv,F*     Common in cattle pastures of 
                                            Kg,P      lower Kipahulu Valley. *Also
                                                      seen at Hosmer's Grove. May be
                                                      seasonal with grass seed 

___ Warbling Silverbill            I,R*     Kv        *Observed in lower Kipahulu
                                                      Valley, probably with a 
                                                      resident breeding population.


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Peterson, R.T. 1961. a Field Guide to Western Birds. Houghton Mifflin Co. Boston, Mass.

For additional information contact:

         National Park Service
         Haleakala National Park
         P.O. Box 369
         Makawao, Maui, Hawaii 96768
This resource is based on the following source:
National Park Service.  No date.  Haleakala National Park bird checklist.  
     National Park Service.  2 pages.
This resource should be cited as:
National Park Service.  No date.  Haleakala National Park bird checklist.  
     National Park Service.  2 pages.  Jamestown, ND: Northern Prairie 
     Wildlife Research Center Online.
     (Version 26MAY98).

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