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Bird Checklists of the United States

Sandy Point and Green Cay National Wildlife Refuges

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Christiansted, Virgin Islands

Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge measures 380 acres in size and is surrounded on three sides by the beautiful turquoise Caribbean Sea. It was established in 1984 for the protection of nesting leatherback turtles. Inland from its sandy beaches, which are critical habitat for sea turtles, littoral woodlands, scrub plant communities and wetlands, of value to assorted species of birds, dominate. At least 100 species of birds have been observed on the refuge of which 22 species have been found nesting here.

How to use your checklist

The bird checklist was designed to be informative and simple to use. The list is arranged in the order established by the American Ornithological Union.

This checklist is based on observations by refuge personnel and visiting ornithologists. If you should find an unlisted species, please let us know at Refuge Headquarters. We appreciate your help in updating our records.

Symbols which appear in this checklist represent the following:

Seasonal appearance/Estaciones:
Sp - Spring/Primavera (March - May)
S - Summer/Verano (June - August)
F - Fall/Otoño (September- November)
W - Winter/Invierno (December- February)

Seasonal abundance/Abundancia Por Estaciones:
a - abundant/seguro de observarse: a common species which is very numerous
c - common/sequro de observarse en habitat apropiado: certain to be seen in suitable habitat
u - uncommon/presente, pero posiblemente no se observe: present but not certain to be seen
o - occasional/observado algunas veces durante la estación: seen only a few times during a season
r - rare/observado solo cada 2 a 5 anos: seen at intervals of 2 to 5 years
x - accidental/observado solo una o dos veces: seen only once or twice
z - abundance unknown/abundancia no conocida

SP - Sandy Point
GC- Green Cay

# - Endangered
+ - Exotic
* - Nesting

GREBES REFUGE SP S F W ___ Least Grebe SP r r r r Tigua
BOOBIES AND GANNETS REFUGE SP S F W ___ Brown Booby SP c c c c Boba prieta GC o o o o
PELICANS AND THEIR ALLIES REFUGE SP S F W ___ Brown Pelican SP# o o o o Pelícano pardo GC a a a a
CORMORANTS REFUGE SP S F W ___ Double-crested Cormorant SP - - - x Cormorán crestado
FRIGATEBIRDS REFUGE SP S F W ___ Magnificent Frigatebird SP o o o o Tijereta GC o o o o
HERONS, EGRETS AND ALLIES REFUGE SP S F W ___ Great Blue Heron SP c - u c Garzón cenizo GC* o o - - ___ Snowy Egret SP* o o - - Garza blanca GC* a c - - ___ Little Blue Heron SP c c u o Garza azul GC* a a u o ___ Tricolored Heron SP r r - - Garza pechiblanca GC r r - - ___ Cattle Egret SP c c u o Garza ganadera GC* a a - - ___ Great Egret SP o o - - Garza real GC* a c - - ___ Green Heron SP* c c c c Martinete GC* u c u r ___ Yellow-crowned Night-Heron SP* u u u u Yaboa común GC* r r - - ___ Black-crowned Night-Heron SP r r r r Yaboa real GC* r r - -
FLAMINGOS REFUGE SP S F W ___ Flamingo SP x - - x Flamingo
WATERFOWL REFUGE SP S F W ___ White-cheeked Pintail SP o o o o Pato quijada colorado GC* u u o o ___ Blue-winged Teal SP r - r r Pato zarcel
VULTURES, HAWKS AND ALLIES REFUGE SP S F W ___ Osprey SP o - o o Aguila pescadora GC o - o u ___ Red-tailed Hawk SP o o o r Guaraguao GC o o o r
FALCONS REFUGE SP S F W ___ Merlin SP o - o o Falcón migratorio GC o - o o ___ American Kestrel SP o o o o Falcón común ___ Peregrine Falcon SP# o - o o Falcón peregrino GC o - o o
RAILS, GALLINULES, COOTS AND CRANE REFUGE SP S F W ___ Common Moorhen SP* r r r r Gallareta común
OYSTERCATCHERS REFUGE SP S F W ___ American Oystercatcher GC* c c o r Ostrero
SHOREBIRDS REFUGE SP S F W ___ Black-bellied Plover SP o - o o Playero cabezón GC o - u o ___ Snowy Plover SP - - - x Playero blanco ___ Wilson's Plover SP c c u r Playero marítimo GC - - - o ___ Killdeer SP - - r - Playero sabanero ___ American Golden-Plover SP - - r - Playero dorado ___ Black-necked Stilt SP c c c o Viuda ___ American Avocet SP - x - - Avoceta ___ Greater Yellowlegs SP a o a u Playero guineilla mayor ___ Lesser Yellowlegs SP a o a u Playero guineilla menor ___ Solitary Sandpiper SP - r u - Playero solitario ___ Baird's Sandpiper SP - - r - Playero de Baird ___ Willet SP - r u o Playero aiiblanco ___ Dunlin SP - - x - Playero espaldacolorada ___ Spotted Sandpiper SP u r c c Playero coleador GC u - c c ___ Least Sandpiper SP o r a o Playerito menudo GC - - - o ___ Whimbrel SP r - o r Playero picocorvo ___ Ruddy Turnstone SP o - o o Playero turco GC u r c u ___ Semipalmated Sandpiper SP u r a o Playerito gracioso GC o - o o ___ Western Sandpiper SP o r a o Playerito occidental ___ White-rumped Sandpiper SP - - o - Playero rabadilla blanca ___ Pectoral Sandpiper SP - - o - Playero manchado ___ Stilt Sandpiper SP u o a u Playero zancudo ___ Short-billed Dowitcher SP r - a - Chorlo picocorto ___ Common Snipe SP r - o u Becasina ___ Laughing Gull SP c c u - Gaviota gallega GC o o o - ___ Ringed-billed Gull SP - - x x Gaviota piquianillada ___ Herring Gull SP - - - x Gaviota argentea ___ Common Black-headed Gull SP - - x - Gaviota cabecinegra ___ Royal Tern SP o o o o Gaviota real ___ Arctic Tern SP - x - - Gaviota del ártico ___ Common Tern SP - o r - Gaviota Común ___ Sandwich Tern SP u u o x Gaviota piguiaguda ___ Least Tern SP* a a u - Gaviota pequeña GC o c - - ___ Gull-billed Tern SP - o r - Gaviota piquigordo ___ Roseate Tern SP# x o - - Palometa ___ Sanderling SP o - c u Playero arenero GC o - o o ___ Bridled Tern SP c c - - Gaviota monja ___ Black Tern SP - x - - Gaviota ceniza ___ Sooty Tern SP c c - - Gaviota oscura ___ Caspian Tern SP x - - - Gaviota de Caspia ___ Brown Noddy SP u u - - Cervera ___ Lesser Black-backed Gull SP x - - - Gaviota espaldinegra menor
PIGEONS AND DOVES REFUGE SP S F W ___ White-crowned Pigeon SP* u c o - Paloma cabeciblanca GC* c a u - ___ Scaly-naped Pigeon SP o o o - Paloma turca GC* o o o - ___ Zenaida Dove SP* a a c o Tórtola cardosantera GC* c a c o ___ Common Ground-Dove SP* a a c o Rolita GC* a a c o
CUCKOOS REFUGE SP S F W ___ Yellow-billed Cuckoo SP - - o - Pájaro bobo picoamarillo ___ Smooth-billed Ani SP* u u u o Judío ___ Mangrove Cuckoo SP* u u o o Pájaro bobo menor
GOATSUCKERS REFUGE SP S F W ___ Antillean Nighthawk SP r o - - Querequequé antillano
SWIFTS AND HUMMINGBIRDS REFUGE SP S F W ___ Chimney Swift SP - - - x Vencejo de chimenea ___ Green-throated Carib SP* r r r r Zumbador pechiazul GC* r r r r ___ Antillean Crested Hummingbird SP* r r r r Zumbadorcito crestado GC* r r r r
KINGFISHERS REFUGE SP S F W ___ Belted Kingfisher SP o - o o Martín pescador GC o - o o
TYRANT FLYCATCHER REFUGE SP S F W ___ Gray Kingbird SP* a a a u Pitirre GC c - c o ___ Caribbean Elaenia SP* a a a u Juí blanco GC* c c c o
MARTINS AND SWALLOWS REFUGE SP S F W ___ Barn Swallow SP c r a c Golondrina de horquilla GC o r c o ___ Bank Swallow SP - - o r Golondrina parda GC - - x - ___ Cliff Swallow SP r - u o Golondrina de peñasco
THRASHERS REFUGE SP S F W ___ Northern Mockingbird SP* c c u o Ruiseñor ___ Pearly-eyed Thrasher SP* u c c o Zorzal pardo
VIREOS REFUGE SP S F W ___ Black-whiskered Vireo SP* c a u o Julián chiví GC o o - -
WARBLERS REFUGE SP S F W ___ Northern Parula SP r - o r Reinita pechidorada ___ Yellow Warbler SP* a a c u Canario de mangle GC* c c u o ___ Cape May Warbler SP* o - u o Reinita tigre ___ Blackpoll Warbler SP - c - - Reinita rayada ___ Yellow-rumped Warbler SP - - r r Reinita coronada ___ Prairie Warbler SP o - c o Reinita galana ___ Palm Warbler SP - - r r Reinita palmera ___ Black-and-white Warbler SP r - o r Reinita trepadora ___ Northern Waterthrush SP r - o r Pizpita de mangle ___ Bananaquit SP* a a c c Reinita común GC* c c c c ___ Scarlet Tanager SP - - x - Escarlatina ___ Blue Grosbeak SP x - x - Azulejo ___ Black-faced Grassquit SP* a a c c Gorrión negro
WAXBILLS AND ALLIES REFUGE SP S F W ___ Chestnut Mannikin SP+ r r r r Monja tricolor

Ethics for Birdwatching

Take care not to disturb nesting birds, exposing eggs and young to extreme temperatures and predation.

Disturb wintering wildlife as little as possible, particularly during critical feeding and resting periods.

Do not litter. Many birds die when they become entangled in fishing lines, 6-pack rings and other trash, or when they mistake garbage for food.

For additional information contact:
                     Refuge Manager
                     Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge
                     U.S. Federal Building
                     3013 Estate Golden Rock, Suite 167
                     Christiansted, St. Croix USVI 00820-4355
                     Telephone: 809/773-4554

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